R&R Bag Filters

Our bag filter short the required emission values and ​​ensure high reliability, low energy- and maintenance requirements as well as low investment costs.

Due to the deposited residue, they are applicable as overpressure or negative pressure systems depending on the arrangement of the ventilator in front of (raw gas system) or after (clean gas system) the bag filter. Depending on the required filter surface and the installation conditions, they are available as in-line filter or double filter with flexible width, length and height dimensions .

For cleaning of the bag filter, we offer: (taken in consideration of time, the sort of the residue, residue fraction and temperature) JET Pressurepulsecleaning system (continuous), reverse air (continuous) and a vibrationcleaning system (not continuous). The JET Pressurepulsecleaning system is able to run in the online procedures (during ongoing filtration) or in the offline process (by separation of a filter segment before current filtration with flaps in the raw gas supply).

With different material separate and disposal systems, the filters are available as lock filters, screw filters, intermediate filters, top filters, chain filters and filter houses. The dust discharge can be realized in BIG - BAG 's, containers or afterwards a with downstream transportation systems (screws or bands).

The housing construction is, in dependence on the pressure condition, inside the filter in screwed version, for a higher pressure or increased tightness requirements it is a welded construction. The distances between the filter bags (lanes distances) are variable, so the different amounts of dust and dust properties can be handled.

Large and smal lraw gas chambers as well as a slow ascent, provide a relaxation and low dust rise between the filter bags. All commercially available types of steels (painted or galvanized) and stainless steels in different material thicknesses can be used for material. Abrasive dusts can be limited in their effect by wear-resistant blow-in boxes, screw- troughs and filter screws.

Filters on top and additional filters

This type of filter is universally applicable e.g. for chips silos, bunkers, false ceilings or other existing stocks or discharge systems. This filter is used for separation of dust which ascents from the silo filling, for example. We offer open (filter without cover) and closed (filter with cladding) systems. A filter extension is always possible due to the modular design.